About Kadaknath

What is kadaknath?

Kadaknath is the only black meat chicken (bmc) bread of india. It’s a native bread of madhya pradesh, reared by the tribes of jabhuva district.

The bird is very popular among the adiwasis mainly due to its adaptability to environment, disease resistance, tasty black meat, texture and flavour. Its flesh, bones and nerves appears black; it’s considered not only for delicacy of distinctive taste, but also for good medicinal value.

The bird has been brought back form the edge of extinction by the efforts taken by the government.

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Merits of kadaknath chicken:

  1. High protein more than 25% (highest of all chicken breads)
  2. Low fat73-1.05% only (lowest of all chicken breads)
  3. Vitamins b1, b2, b6, b12, c and e, niacin, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, nicotinic acid etc.
  4. High levels of 18 essential amino acids as well as hormones that are required by the human body.
  5. The amount of fat deposited in the body of a kadaknath chicken is itself very negligible.
  6. It has great importance in siddha & homeopathy medicines for treating nervous disorder.

Nutritive table showing comparison of kadaknath chicken with other chicken

No. Properties Kadaknath Ordinary Table bird
1 Protein content 25% 18 – 20%
2 Fat content 0.73 – 1.03% 13 – 25%
3 Linoleic acid 24% 21%
4 Cholestrol 184.75MG/100G 218.12MG/100G


Merits of kadaknath chicken eggs:

  • The eggs are an ideal nutritive food, especially for old people and high blood pressure victims, since the cholesterol content is lower.
  • Kadaknath eggs helps to meet the day to day protein requirment of growing children.

Why is kadaknath egg costlier?

A white leghom hen is selectively bred to lay320 – 330 eggs out of 365 days in a year, where as kadaknath hen lays around 120 -130 eggs in a year taking the same amount of feed as that of a white leghom hen. So it’s obvious that the price has to be 3 times higher as that of a white egg.

Why is kadaknath chicken costlier?

A broiler chicken gains 2.5 kg of body weight in 40 -45 days. It almost inflates like a balloon day-by-day. Its gene has been selected so that its only work is to eat and get obese. Even if you don’t kill a broiler chicken at 45 days of age it will die very soon due to obesity (under intensive rearing farm condition. Kadaknath being a desi bird involves in lot of physical activity and its weight gain is “slow and steady”

A kadaknath cock attains body weight of 1.5KGS in 120 -130 days. It takes nearly thrice the time to attain half the body weight of a broiler chicken. If you don’t kill if will live upto the age of 12 years reaching maximum of around 2KGS body weight only. So our cost of production is nearly four times higher than that of a broiler chicken.

That’s the reason that many giant breeders did not turn to kadaknath even through it’s so useful to the mankind, all corporate in poultry field are concered about quick profit only.

Try it, sure you will like it.

Let’s save the indigenous chicken breed of india(kadaknath) from extinction and spread its benefits to rest of the world.